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Welcome to Synergen - Bringing Power to the Single Electricity Market

Synergen operate a 400 MW combined cycle gas-powered generation plant located at Pigeon House Road, Ringsend, Dublin, which came into commercial production on 9th August 2002. 

Synergen uses natural gas to generate electricity which we sell into the Single Electricity Market (SEM).  The Single Electricity Market is the wholesale electricity market operating in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

 The market encompasses approximately 2.5 million electricity consumers, 1.8 million in the Republic of Ireland and 0.7 million in Northern Ireland. On 1st November 2007 the Single Electricity Market (SEM) went live, commencing the trading of wholesale electricity in Ireland and Northern Ireland on an All-Island basis.

Our plant is equipped with the latest cutting edge, environmentally friendly and efficient power generation technology. It represents a total investment of approximately €230 million.

Performance levels at Synergen are world-class and the Synergen plant is among the most efficient commercially operating power plant in the world today. We produce cost effective electricity in a safe, environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Synergen Power Limited, Registered in Ireland under registration number 289737, registered address: Power Plant, Pidgeon House, Ringsend, Dublin 4

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